A Message from the Founder


A word and a quality that the world could use a bit more of — especially now. It’s been dark clouds and dark days for the past few years and we’ve all had to face our fears. The strength to persevere comes in adverse and tough times, but strength also comes from embracing whimsy, lightheartedness, and play.

Gathering at the table heals and nourishes. Slows everything down. Right down to the speed of thinking. Conversation at the table evolves naturally — each person contributing organically (to use the word) to a destination that is not pre-determined. To get to the place of surprise and whimsy, we seek it out and give it room to happen.

This season we will put the table in the slowly rising tide and watch the wooden chairs nearly float away. But we will consult the tide tables. We will set our table in an awkward spot because the view is so good, but with the use of table and chair shims to keep us all steady. We will work to create an environment that surprises our chefs, our guests and ourselves. We are going to do things in a way that foregrounds whimsy and guarantees those gathered might experience occasional disbelief and skepticism.

In our art of table making we often add a bit of hill climbing for dubious reward. Does the table really need to be so far from the reception? If it adds to a feeling of wonder, it sure does. We are not here to make it look easy. Easy is a trip to a restaurant. We are out for adventure.

Life is hard enough but sometimes it’s ok to make it even harder. In our devoted service to possibility and seeming impossibility, we bring our lightheartedness and whimsy.

Life is not easy. We would not have it any other way.

Jim Denevan
Founder of Outstanding in the Field