The OITF Foundation

Throughout Outstanding in the Field’s history, we’ve donated over $1 million to various organizations supporting food, farming, and education. In 2022, we’re launching The Outstanding in the Field Foundation — a California-registered non-profit focused on transforming lives through food.

In our inaugural year, we are partnering with FoodWhat?!, an organization based in our hometown of Santa Cruz.

FoodWhat serves low income and under-represented teenage youth in Santa Cruz County, where food and farming are used as mechanisms to break cycles of poverty. Through skill development, job training, confidence building, access to healthy food, and a deeply supportive community, FoodWhat provides the ground for youth to cultivate skills, find their voices, and step into their power.

A portion of all tickets sold in 2022 will go directly to FoodWhat as part of their partnership with The OITF Foundation.

In addition to financial support, the OITF Foundation will focus its work this year on helping FoodWhat realize their goal of finding and building their forever home. This farm and permanent resource for the community will allow FoodWhat’s reach to expand, to impact and transform even more lives through food.

This is just the beginning, but we envision the OITF Foundation to continue our work in empowering communities and creating connections through the exploration of culture and food.