What does the run-down of a typical OITF event look like?

Our events typically last 4.5-5 hours. Upon arrival you will check in with our host, where your name will be on the guest list. The festivities begin with a reception which offers wine and/or other beverages along with an assortment of passed appetizers. Here you’ll hear words from your hosts, and then go on a farm tour. If the table isn’t set at a farm (i.e. on a beach), the tour portion of the event will be omitted, but you will still hear words from your hosts.

Following reception we invite guests to join us at our long, beautiful table. Dinner is usually served 2 hours after the event begins. There is no assigned seating (unless you are joining us with a group of 5 or more people), and everyone sits down together at the same time to enjoy a four course dinner with wine pairings.

Dinner is served family style, with large dishes in the center of the table that everyone shares while we celebrate the fruits of the land and the labors of all involved, breaking bread with each other.

What if I accidentally leave something behind at an event?

We are not liable for lost or stolen property. If you misplace an item, we will do our best to get it back to you. However, we ask that you be mindful of what you bring with you to an event, as there are unforeseen circumstances. Common items that are misplaced include sunglasses, wallets, jackets, and plates. Since most of our events conclude after dark, we suggest doing a final visual sweep of your area before leaving the table.

Can Outstanding in the Field accommodate my accessibility needs?

In the adventurous spirit of Outstanding in the Field, many of our event locations have uneven terrain. If you require additional assistance or have medical needs that you’d like to communicate with us, please reach out to us so we can help you enjoy the event to the fullest. Please keep in mind that there is an implied Assumption of Risk of Damage or Injury at our events. We work tirelessly to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, but we do encounter a variety of terrains and climates and weather can change without warning. If you have questions about the accessibility of a certain event, please email us at reservations@outstandinginthefield.com.

Can I bring my own alcohol/beverages?

No, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited at our events. Our events include wine & non-alcoholic beverage pairings at reception and at the dinner table.

What if an event is postponed?

In the case of an event being postponed due to circumstances beyond Outstanding in the Field’s control, Outstanding in the Field will reschedule said event and all purchases will be honored for the rescheduled future event date. No monetary refunds will be issued. If a guest is unable to attend the rescheduled event, Outstanding in the Field will issue a credit for the original purchase amount, for the guest to use toward another OITF event of their choice.

What should I wear to an OITF event?

Our dinners take place on all sorts of natural terrain – in the fields of working farms and vineyards, alongside rivers and seas. Please dress accordingly and remember to wear comfortable shoes. It often gets chilly in the evening (even after a warm day) so please come prepared with a jacket or blankets to keep you comfortable. We anticipate many beautiful sunsets this coming season and recommend you bring a hat or sunglasses as needed.

Are children allowed at the events?

We kindly ask that guests not bring children to our events. Due to the length of the event, the family-style service, and out of respect for all guests, our dinners are suited for adults ages 18 and older.

What if it rains?

All events are rain or shine. In the case of rain, we will find shelter for the table – sometimes this means we find a magical place in a greenhouse or barn. Guests still receive a tour of the farm, so be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately.

Is there alcohol at OITF events?

Yes. The ticket price includes a welcome beverage during reception and wine pairings with our multi-course dinner. We also offer non-alcoholic beverages at all events. For your safety, we suggest that you arrange for a designated driver or plan for a driving service to get you home safely. As events are often off the map, it’s best to arrange for transportation in advance.