Glorious Organics at Fraser Common

For a number of years our Outstanding in the Field tour has visited University of British Columbia Farm located within the city of Vancouver. After several events UBC Farm director Mark Bomford and the Outstanding in the Field crew at have become good friends. This year we thought we would mix it up and check out a farm in the Fraser Valley just outside the city. Glorious Organics in Aldergrove has a CSA program and also supplies produce to area restaurants including West, whose very talented chef, David Gunawan will join us in the field.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand’s Garden

Our first Montreal area event. Market gardener Jean Pierre Bertrand has a very small farm. He is known for growing small scale for discerning Montreal area chefs. If you have dined at Montreal’s best restaurants, now you can get outside and see where it comes from. Jean Pierre will give a thorough tour of the profuse greenery of his back 40 meters before we walk a short distance to gather at our long table. Chef Samuel Pinard of the restaurant La Salle a Manger sent us to gardener Jean Pierre and we will send Samuel out to the field.

Covert Farm

Beautiful. The Okanagan region is a destination for many reasons, many or most of them food and wine. A few years back we had our long table laid out high above Lake Okanagan. Guest chefs Cameron Smith and Dana Ewart joined us for that memorable event. This year Dana and Cameron join OITF at Covert Farms, near the town of Oliver in the South Okanagan. We’ll get a tour of the farm and hear the Covert Family story.

La Ferme des Quatre-Temps

Our hosts are Jean-Martin Fortier, whose book The Market Gardener has a dedicated following worldwide; Danny Hadley, the farm’s livestock manager, and Maxime Bilet, co-writer of Modernist Cuisine who heads up La Ferme’s on-site culinary lab. Jean-Martin has been described as a rockstar farmer. This might suggest some musical ability. Regardless, we’ll be pleased to see his acclaimed methods in the field. And we expect Jean-Martin and his team will be in perfect harmony with Marc Cohen, chef/butcher/co-owner of Lawrence, whose attention to the best quality ingredients is central to his approach.

Bullock Lake Farm

We have been setting our table at farms around British Columbia for more than ten years. Over that time, we’ve been told ‘’you should head out to Salt Spring Island’’ more than quite a bit. We finally listened. The crew at Hawksworth is coming out to the island with us. Last year they joined us at North Arm Farm in Pemberton for a fabulous event that will be hard to top. (link to readymag) But we know they’ll try. For OITF fans wondering where they should go this year…You should come here! Our dinner site, Bullock Lake Farm, is a small, first-generation family farm specializing in organic produce, flowers and pastured meats. The farm spans 24 acres of rolling pastures, wetlands, historic orchard and forest. Established in the late 1800s, it’s one of the oldest agricultural properties on Salt Spring Island. We can’t wait to be there.

Pearl Morissette

It’s been a few years since we set the long table in lovely Ontario, and what better venue to host our return than a stunning winery and farm just 20 minutes from Niagara Falls. The farm grows grapes, raises animals and grows vegetables. And has a hugely majestic and very old chestnut tree; perhaps we’ll put the table under it. Our guest chef is Ariel Coplan from Toronto’s Thoroughbred. Ariel has cooked and traveled all over the world. We’re excited to see what he creates in the field, and taste the wines that pair perfectly with his dishes.

Victoria Potato Farm

Potatoes are beautiful. It has probably been said by someone at some time. Maybe that’s why Mr. Potato Head has such a following. The real beauty of potatoes is the potato field, and especially a potato field on a forested island with a view of the water. Then there is the famous beauty of the potato flower and the story of how Sir Walter Raleigh brought potatoes to Queen Elizabeth’s table from the New World. Chef Emily Wells has lived in England, Germany, Sweden, and now Canada. All have a hearty culinary relationship with potatoes. Chef Emily will source from land and sea.

UBC Farm

UBC Farm is a beautiful, diverse farm in the heart of Vancouver. UBC Farm supplies fresh produce to area restaurants and to a small, on site farmer’s market. UBC is also a place where student interns dig, plant, and gather knowledge of sustainable agriculture.

Little Creek Gardens

Located on scenic Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, farmers Dale Ziech and Donna Denison of Little Creek Gardens will be our hosts. Guest chefs Dana Ewart and Cameron Smith will have a wealth of local products to choose from. We will have bread baked from organic Canadian wheat. The Carmelis family will bring their awesome goat cheeses and goat milk gelato. Wines from and nearby Cedar Creek Estate Winery will round out the menu. Join us at the table for what is certain to be a memorable meal.