Rancho Santana

OITF’s first visit to Nicaragua! We’re bringing our table to the beautiful Emerald Coast, about two hours from the capital city of Managua. Here the creators of Rancho Santana have built an elegantly low-key community along two miles of Pacific shoreline. Nestled in rugged hillsides overlooking sandy beaches that boast year-round warm water and epic offshore breaks, this is a perfect destination for nature lovers, surfers and yogis. And bring your appetite. Guest chef Jorge Alvarez’s L.A. street-side taco stand, run with fellow Tijuana native Victor Delgado, has provoked adoration from food critics in L.A. and across North America. We first met Chef Alvarez at Coachella, and we were smitten. A few years ago, he spent some time at Rancho Santana making tacos on the beach. We’re bringing him back.