Kaseholm Castle

We never imagined we would host an event at a European castle. Joakim and Jamie attended an OITF event a few years ago, hosted by a farmer friend of theirs. Their artistic sensibility and Jim’s are perfectly in sync. At the time, Joakim and Jamie were operating a luxuriously rustic eco-resort in northern California. Then they moved to Sweden and stepped it up a bit. They bought a 17th century estate in a stunning area of far-south Sweden known for its rolling hills, gorgeous scenery and large population of resident artists and writers. With great care, they have converted Kåseholm Castle into an amazing property devoted to food, art and agrarian culture. They also curate dining experiences with our very special guest chef, whose eponymous restaurant is just down the road. Chef Daniel Berlin’s New Nordic cuisine has earned him two Michelin stars. Depending on the day, we will set our table either in the expansive courtyard or the wide open fields of Österlen, or perhaps in the hay barn.