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ICYMI: Outstanding in the Field’s Alfresco Affair at Tangletown Gardens Farm


Dining in the Great Outdoors: After decades of bringing art, travel, and food together, land artist Jim Denevan’s Outstanding in the Field, a roving dining experience, made its way to Africa for the first time recently.


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Global Dinner Parties: Outstanding In The Field’s Unique Culinary Events

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Enter sandman – the extraordinary beach art of Jim Denevan: The surfer, chef and land artist rocks the sea


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Coachella Returns With A Vengeance — “One of Coachella’s most interesting signature features is Outstanding In the Field…”


The Californian initiative Outstanding in the Field creates establishments with a menu made from native foods, and in the background, gastronomic talks given by its producers.

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“With each dinner, Denevan’s 150-person tablescape creates an otherworldly artwork: stretched across a ridge overlooking the Pacific on a ranch in Australia’s Byron Bay or arching through a golden pasture in Texas…”

LA Weekly

Man in the Field Documents Artist & Chef Jim Denevan’s Relationship to Place