Murder Point Oyster Co.

Murder Point gets its name from a legendary homicide over an oyster license. This was long before these namesake bivalves were grown there, but fans will still say Murder Points are worth killing for. Lane Zirlott’s family has been working here on shrimping and fishing boats for five generations, but he decided to shift his focus to trying to grow the world’s best oyster in his home waters. We met Lane (and tasted his oysters – petite, briny, buttery beauties like nothing you’d expect from the Gulf Coast) at our event on the Malibu Pier this summer and decided we needed to stop by and see where all his passion comes from. We’ve invited chef Sophina Uong to join us in the kitchen. The southern-tinged, globally-inspired flavors and tropical jungle atmosphere at her restaurant, Mister Mao, helped them earn acclaim as one of 2022’s best new restaurants by Bon Appetit and Conde Nast Traveler. We can’t wait to see what flavors Sophina decides to pair with the merroir of the Gulf.