Ilana is the voice behind our social media. You’ll find her behind the camera documenting our events. This is somewhere between her third and fourth year on tour.

Emily Hagen

Emily comes to us with years of experience in photography and marketing in the hospitality and food world. She toured as a satellite crew member on our 2016 tour, both serving the table and photographing the events. Recently, she served as Director of Marketing at Island Creek Oysters before joining the Outstanding in the Field team in 2021 as the Director of Brand & Creative Marketing.

Emily Angle

After honing her event skills in the Panamanian jungle and tasting her way through Central America, Emily joined the Outstanding in the Field crew in Mexico in 2017 and has been working with us ever since! In 2018 she joined us on the road as our Tour Manager and now she’s planning our public tour events and working behind the scenes to ensure we have everything we need to keep this show on the road.

Ilana Pulda

Ilana’s love of food and travel led her to join the traveling tour crew after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2013. She’s since worked in social media marketing and as a food photographer and private chef while living on and off the road. A multi-season tour veteran, Ilana manages our social media accounts in addition to photographing events.

Eden Reilly

After garnering a background in wine and culinary arts in Vermont, Eden moved to the Bay Area to further her career in high end service and restaurants. She found Outstanding in the Field in 2009 and joined the culinary circus. She has completed 3 summer tours and 4 winter tours and has done over 300 Outstanding in the Field events. She keeps the ship (or rather the bus) running straight as General Manager.

Jim Denevan

Jim created Outstanding in the Field in 1999, seeking to connect people in a celebration of food and farmer. Jim has also been a professional chef, model, surfer and artist, creating stunning sand drawings on a massive scale. Today, Jim’s art commissions take him around the world, and he in turn takes us to ever more exotic farm dinner locations. Read more about Jim at