Baja Sur Farm & Beach

The sleepy coastal village of Todos Santos at the southern end of the Baja Peninsula is one of Mexico’s 36 pueblos mágicos or “magic towns.” It’s also a world-class fishing and surfing destination known for fresh-as-it-gets fish and sought-after swells. The semi-tropical waters are brimming with mahi mahi, yellowtail, marlin, and mackerel. Not far from the lapping waves is the Paradero, an austerely luxurious eco resort designed to immerse the visitor in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, with views of the sea, distant mesas and cactus studded desert, all set within 160 acres of family owned farms. Guest chef Eduardo Rios is at the helm of the property’s fine dining restaurant, where his farm-to-table menu makes use of the local harvest and the Paradero’s own market garden. Eduardo uses a traditional Oaxacan clay oven to turn out simple yet sophisticated dishes showcasing coastal Mexican cuisine. In our beach kitchen, Eduardo will cook us a feast of fresh fish and shellfish caught just beyond our seats—along with a bounty of indigenous vegetables and tropical fruits. While Eduardo tends to the meal, OITF founder Jim Denevan will be busy crafting his own version of beach art in the sand along the sparkling Pacific. If you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience, this may be it.


El tranquilo pueblo costero de Todos Santos, en el extremo sur de la península de Baja California, es uno de los 36 pueblos mágicos de México. También es un destino de pesca y surf de categoría mundial, conocido por su pescado fresco y su codiciado oleaje. Las aguas semitropicales de arena suave están repletas de dorado, cola amarilla, marlín y caballa. No muy lejos de las olas se encuentra el Paradero, un lujoso y austero resort ecológico diseñado para sumergir al visitante en la belleza del paisaje que le rodea, con vistas al mar, a las lejanas mesetas y al desierto cubierto de cactus, todo ello dentro de 160 acres de granjas familiares. Eduardo Rios es el chef invitado y está al frente del restaurante de alta cocina de la propiedad, donde su menú de la granja a la mesa hace uso de la cosecha local y de la propia huerta del Paradero. Eduardo utiliza un horno de barro tradicional oaxaqueño para elaborar platos sencillos pero sofisticados de la cocina mexicana de la costa. En nuestra cocina de playa, Eduardo nos preparará un festín de pescado y marisco fresco capturado justo al lado de donde nos sentaremos, junto con una gran cantidad de verduras autóctonas y frutas tropicales. Mientras Eduardo se ocupa de la comida, el fundador de OITF, Jim Denevan, se dedicará a crear su propia versión de arte playero en la arena del resplandeciente Pacífico. Si buscas la mejor experiencia para San Valentín, ésta puede ser la tuya.

Vinedo San Miguel

We cannot wait to return to San Miguel de Allende, where we’ll be setting our long table this January at a new central highlands locale — a beautiful vineyard property just 10 minutes from the heart of San Miguel’s Centro. Plan to take some time to soak in the culture and history of one of Mexico’s most vibrant and beautifully restored colonial cities. Donnie Masterton will be back in the field kitchen serving his global comfort food, a staple of San Miguel’s thriving culinary fabric since 2008. Masterton earned his stripes in some of the United States’ most renowned kitchens before moving to Mexico for a slower pace of life. Expect this meal to be muy deliciosa.

Kaseholm Castle

We never imagined we would host an event at a European castle. Joakim and Jamie attended an OITF event a few years ago, hosted by a farmer friend of theirs. Their artistic sensibility and Jim’s are perfectly in sync. At the time, Joakim and Jamie were operating a luxuriously rustic eco-resort in northern California. Then they moved to Sweden and stepped it up a bit. They bought a 17th century estate in a stunning area of far-south Sweden known for its rolling hills, gorgeous scenery and large population of resident artists and writers. With great care, they have converted Kåseholm Castle into an amazing property devoted to food, art and agrarian culture. They also curate dining experiences with our very special guest chef, whose eponymous restaurant is just down the road. Chef Daniel Berlin’s New Nordic cuisine has earned him two Michelin stars. Depending on the day, we will set our table either in the expansive courtyard or the wide open fields of Österlen, or perhaps in the hay barn.

Rancho Santana

OITF’s first visit to Nicaragua! We’re bringing our table to the beautiful Emerald Coast, about two hours from the capital city of Managua. Here the creators of Rancho Santana have built an elegantly low-key community along two miles of Pacific shoreline. Nestled in rugged hillsides overlooking sandy beaches that boast year-round warm water and epic offshore breaks, this is a perfect destination for nature lovers, surfers and yogis. And bring your appetite. Guest chef Jorge Alvarez’s L.A. street-side taco stand, run with fellow Tijuana native Victor Delgado, has provoked adoration from food critics in L.A. and across North America. We first met Chef Alvarez at Coachella, and we were smitten. A few years ago, he spent some time at Rancho Santana making tacos on the beach. We’re bringing him back.

Hayters Hill Farm

We’re making our first trip to Australia, and with its bohemian beach vibe, we think we’ll feel right at home in Byron Bay. The table will be set above the vast Pacific, where Hereford Brahman cattle graze on rolling green hills studded with eucalyptus and evergreens. Fourth-generation farming brothers Hugh & David take good care of their animals, rotating the cattle daily and paying close attention to regeneration of their pastures. Chef Josh Lewis opened Fleet in the New South Wales village of Brunswick Heads in 2015. Today, it’s firmly on the map as one of Australia’s finest restaurants. Come to the table and taste for yourself.

North Arm Farm

Araxi restaurant has been described as the best restaurant in Canada. Nothing like a good recommendation to get dinner plans moving. Outstanding In The Field tour coordinator Leah Scafe hails from B.C. Canada and Leah is excited to show our many Outstanding fans a taste of home. Our local producer is Jordan Sturdy of North Arm Farm located in the scenic Pemberton Valley. Not only is Jordan Sturdy our featured farmer, he is the mayor of nearby Pemberton. Araxi chef James Walt will gather this and all of the B.C  bounty for a locavore feast.

Dingo Farms

Canada? We are in the neighborhood. Eastern Canada is new for Outstanding in the Field. We have set the table in Western Canada several times. Cowbell looks like a great restaurant (nice name). Very farm-connected with lots of culinary chops. Chef Mark has ‘farmer nights’ in the restaurant. We LOVE the ‘farmer nights’ concept. The idea for Outstanding in the Field was born out of a series of very successful ‘farmer dinners’ in California way back in the late 1990’s. With these dinners the farmer gets a meal prepared by the chef, the farmer gets to talk and the guests learn about where food comes from. Take it all outside and you have Outstanding in the Field. We look forward to setting the table at Dennis and Denise Harrison’s Dingo Farms.

Glorious Organics at Fraser Common

For a number of years our Outstanding in the Field tour has visited University of British Columbia Farm located within the city of Vancouver. After several events UBC Farm director Mark Bomford and the Outstanding in the Field crew at have become good friends. This year we thought we would mix it up and check out a farm in the Fraser Valley just outside the city. Glorious Organics in Aldergrove has a CSA program and also supplies produce to area restaurants including West, whose very talented chef, David Gunawan will join us in the field.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand’s Garden

Our first Montreal area event. Market gardener Jean Pierre Bertrand has a very small farm. He is known for growing small scale for discerning Montreal area chefs. If you have dined at Montreal’s best restaurants, now you can get outside and see where it comes from. Jean Pierre will give a thorough tour of the profuse greenery of his back 40 meters before we walk a short distance to gather at our long table. Chef Samuel Pinard of the restaurant La Salle a Manger sent us to gardener Jean Pierre and we will send Samuel out to the field.