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California | Spring & Summer

St. Helena, CA
Lewelling Ranch
Jun 04, 2023

Chef Elliot Bell is getting back into the field kitchen at a site that means a lot to him. He got married there! Elliot introduced us to the historic Lewelling Ranch, one of...

  • 04:00 pm
  • St. Helena, CA
Petaluma, CA
McEvoy Ranch
Jun 07, 2023

The dusty green rows of Italian olive trees may transport you to Tuscany while the soft purple lavender bushes lining the drive may take your mind to Provence—but the rolling hills of the...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Petaluma, CA
Santa Ynez, CA (Santa Barbara)
Gainey Vineyard
Jun 10, 2023

We love this fourth generation family-run winemaking venture for many reasons. Its historic, cinematic barns for one. Its vineyard plots named after different members of the family for another. You may even see...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Santa Ynez, CA (Santa Barbara)
San Simeon, CA (Central California Coast)
Hearst Ranch
Jun 11, 2023

For most, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine on the Hearst family’s private ranch, where cattle graze freely with zebras and African deer on the grassy hillsides along the coast of San...

  • 04:00 pm
  • San Simeon, CA (Central California Coast)
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz Community Table
Jun 14, 2023

This is where the idea of Outstanding in the Field was born. We will take over the street with our long table and the city’s blessing and celebrate both the past and future...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Santa Cruz, CA
Soquel, CA (Monterey Bay Area)
Everett Family Farm
Jun 17, 2023

We love visiting Rich and Laura Everett at their farm just outside of our hometown of Santa Cruz. They are one of our favorite and longest partnerships. In addition to selling organic fruits,...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Soquel, CA (Monterey Bay Area)
Healdsburg, CA
Alexander Valley Hops with Russian River Brewing Co.
Jun 18, 2023

Terroir isn’t just for wine. Join us in iconic growing region Sonoma County for a unique look at beverage from farm to glass for a special beer-pairing focused dinner from some of the...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Healdsburg, CA

Pacific Northwest

Lopez Island, WA (San Juan Islands)
Flint Beach Ohana Farm ⛴
Jun 24, 2023

Lopez Island is a particularly beautiful place, not only because of the breathtaking ocean views along the craggy coastline or the grasslands stretching to gnarled forests on the horizon; the island’s people add...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Lopez Island, WA (San Juan Islands)
Carnation, WA (Seattle)
Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center
Jul 01, 2023

Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center grows organic vegetables, herbs and flowers on 12 of their 240 acres along the Snoqualmie River. The rest they leave as forestland for ecological restoration projects and agricultural...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Carnation, WA (Seattle)
Carnation, WA (Seattle)
Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center
Jul 02, 2023

One night at this inspiring farm simply isn’t enough, so we are sticking around for a second day. Last year, a sprinkle of rain led us to set the table under their romantic...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Carnation, WA (Seattle)
Coupeville, WA (Whidbey Island)
Scenic Isle Farm
Jul 06, 2023

Our good friend and famed Seattle farmer Georgie Smith from Willowood Farm recommended we visit her neighbors on Whidbey Island this year. Alix and Brandon Roos recently took over this historic property, making...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Coupeville, WA (Whidbey Island)
Carlton, OR (Portland)
Soter Vineyards
Jul 08, 2023

It’s been a few years, but we are excited to return to Mineral Springs Ranch—the scenic home of Soter Vineyards. Tony Soter made a name for himself making wine in Napa, but now...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Carlton, OR (Portland)
Dayton, WA (Walla Walla)
Monteillet Fromagerie
Jul 12, 2023

We’re continuing a longtime love story, setting our table for the tenth time at Monteillet Fromagerie in Dayton, Washington—just down the way from the famed Walla Walla wine country. Peirre-Louis was born and...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Dayton, WA (Walla Walla)


Pemberton, BC
North Arm Farm
Jun 27, 2023

If you’re looking for a show-stopping view from the table, this event should be high on your list. Located in the Pemberton Valley just outside of Whistler, BC, this 54-acre farm stretches underneath...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Pemberton, BC
Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC (Montreal)
Vignoble Camy
Aug 19, 2023

Fred Tremblay and Isabelle Leveau planted the first vines at Vignoble Camy only ten years ago, but they make wines the old fashioned way – starting in the fields, listening to nature, and...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC (Montreal)


Wilsall, MT (Bozeman)
North Bridger Bison
Jul 15, 2023

We’ve stopped in Montana only a few times over the years. Since everyone seems to be obsessed with Kevin Costner and Yellowstone lately, we thought we would revisit the state – and the...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Wilsall, MT (Bozeman)
Jackson, WY
Mead Ranch
Jul 17, 2023

This is among the most beautiful table sites on our tour—and that’s saying a lot. Here, Mead Ranch cattle range on impeccably green grass beneath the towering peaks of the Grand Tetons. Brad...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Jackson, WY
Aurora, CO (Denver)
Lowry Ranch
Jul 19, 2023

When Nick Trainor was 18, he set a goal to have 500 head of cattle by the time he was 30. Over the past ten years, he has expanded his business to 26,000...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Aurora, CO (Denver)
Colorado Springs, CO
Ranchlands at Chico Basin
Jul 22, 2023

This 90,000-acre ranch is one of the largest stretches of shortgrass prairie left in the country—and there are plenty of stunning places to set the long table among their grazing bison and cattle....

  • 04:00 pm
  • Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Ranchlands at Chico Basin
Jul 23, 2023

The mission of Ranchlands is to conserve American ranching legacy and quality of life. Siblings Tess Leach and Duke Phillips IV have taken the reins of the family business, working across the American...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Colorado Springs, CO


Grosseto, Tuscany, IT
Tenuta San Carlo
Jul 16, 2023

Welcome to Maremma, the wildest part of Tuscany. This is the home of Etruscan coastal villages, medieval hill towns, pristine beaches and of course, Super Tuscan wines. Nestled within this wonderful, wild land...

  • 05:00 pm
  • Grosseto, Tuscany, IT
Savigny-Lès-Beaune, Burgundy, FR
Domaine Lebreuil
Jul 22, 2023

Jean-Baptiste Lebreuil spent years in wineries around the world before coming back to take over the family business, an 84-year-old winery in Burgundy. He has welcomed us into his home for several years,...

  • 05:00 pm
  • Savigny-Lès-Beaune, Burgundy, FR


Plato, MN (Minneapolis)
Tangletown Gardens
Jul 26, 2023

We learn something new about farming every time we stop by Tangletown Gardens. Farmer Dean Engelmann’s passion for earth – not just the earth, but the literal soil under our feet – strikes...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Plato, MN (Minneapolis)
Dodgeville, WI (Madison)
Uplands Cheese
Jul 30, 2023

This dinner promises to be a full-fledged celebration of the steep hills and valleys of the Driftless region. At Uplands Cheese, Andy Hatch and Scott Mericka raise grass-fed cows and make seasonal, Alpine-style...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Dodgeville, WI (Madison)
Galena, IL (Dubuque / Cedar Rapids / Rockford / Davenport)
Galena Community Table
Aug 02, 2023

OITF seeks to connect us through a celebration of all that is handmade, local and personal – forging bonds between those at the table and the people and the place that helped create...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Galena, IL (Dubuque / Cedar Rapids / Rockford / Davenport)
South Haven, MI (Chicago)
Seedling Farm
Aug 05, 2023

There is plenty to see and taste here, and farmer Pete will give us a good look around. Our tour includes unusual varieties of fruits including loganberries, medlars, paw paw and blood peaches...

  • 04:00 pm
  • South Haven, MI (Chicago)
Ann Arbor, MI
Tantré Farm
Aug 06, 2023

Richard, Deb, and their daughter Ariana live full time on their 115 acre farm where they grow diverse vegetable crops, run one of Michigan’s largest CSA programs, and coordinate outreach and educational programs...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Ann Arbor, MI
Hudson, OH (Cleveland)
Thaxton’s Organic Garlic
Aug 08, 2023

Chris and Fred Thaxton have been growing organic garlic and crops for over twenty years, and we’ve been visiting them for at least half that long. Our Tour Crew looks forward each year...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Hudson, OH (Cleveland)


Geneva, NY (Finger Lakes)
The North Farm
Aug 12, 2023

The North Farm, on the shores of Seneca Lake, is pretty hard to beat when it comes to beauty. It has golden grasses, a picturesque barn and wildflowers dotting the walking paths. The...

  • 04:00 pm
  • Geneva, NY (Finger Lakes)
Stowe, VT
Sage Farm Goat Dairy
Aug 19, 2023

We have been coming to this gorgeous part of the country for quite a few years now and this family-run micro-dairy in Stowe is among our very favorite stops. Molly Prindell and her...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Stowe, VT
Bowdoinham, ME (Portland)
Dandelion Spring Farm
Aug 23, 2023

Farmer Beth Schiller likes to work in the margins. If you walk with her down the flower-lined farm road, around her pond and past the vegetable gardens, she will point out all the...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Bowdoinham, ME (Portland)
Sharon, MA (Boston)
Moose Hill Farm
Aug 26, 2023

Moose Hill is the second highest point between Boston and Providence, and it happens to look out at a spectacular view of the first: Great Blue Hill. It has been an agricultural site...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Sharon, MA (Boston)
Sharon, MA (Boston)
Moose Hill Farm
Aug 27, 2023

These views are too good to stay for just one night, so we are back at Moose Hill Farm for round two. This historic cattle farm spans 347 acres of restored woodlands and...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Sharon, MA (Boston)
Stonington, CT
Stone Acres Farm
Aug 29, 2023

Jim met Dan Meiser at the Hickories in 2021, and decided to swing by his farm the next day. After thirty seconds on this 200-year-old estate, he knew we had to host an...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Stonington, CT
Jamestown, RI (Providence)
Watson Farm with 401 Oyster Co.
Aug 31, 2023

The Watson Farm is a historic 265 acre farm in the Narragansett Bay. After five generations, the Watson family bequeathed it to the New England Historic Society with the stipulation that this beautiful...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Jamestown, RI (Providence)
Ridgefield, CT
The Hickories
Sep 02, 2023

Farmer Dina has welcomed the OITF culinary caravan to The Hickories for nearly ten years. The wandering whimsy of OITF is a perfect match for the once-city-poet-become-country-farmer. Dina’s poetry is now in the...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Ridgefield, CT
New York, NY
Governors Island with Billion Oyster Project ⛴
Sep 06, 2023

Join us in the heart of the New York Harbor on Governors Island. These 172 acres are home to transformative public art, open parkland, educational programming, and climate research. We’ll spend the afternoon...

  • 03:00 pm
  • New York, NY
East Hampton, NY (The Hamptons)
Fireplace Farm
Sep 09, 2023

Oliver and Maxwell Ryan own and oversee this beautiful beachfront land, in partnership with Farmer Paul Hamilton. In addition to breathtaking views of the Gardiners Bay, this farm has a wonderful and mysterious...

  • 03:00 pm
  • East Hampton, NY (The Hamptons)
East Hampton, NY (The Hamptons)
Fireplace Farm
Sep 10, 2023

Jason Weiner is our most veteran guest chef in the field kitchen, and he continues to impress us every time. This summer, we’re meeting up with him in the Hamptons at his good...

  • 03:00 pm
  • East Hampton, NY (The Hamptons)
Perkasie, PA (Philadelphia)
Blooming Glen Farm
Sep 13, 2023

Tom Murtha gives one of the country’s best farm tours, but last year he gained some stiff competition—from his daughter Dakota when she hopped on the box in honor of our tenth event...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Perkasie, PA (Philadelphia)
Elkins Park, PA (Philadelphia)
FarmerJawn at Elkins Estate
Sep 16, 2023

We met Christa Barfield last year on Elkins Estate, where she charmed us with her approach to organic farming, civil rights leadership, and food sovereignty. After quitting her career in healthcare five years...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Elkins Park, PA (Philadelphia)
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster Community Table
Sep 17, 2023

We’re setting the long table just outside the Lancaster Central Market, the oldest continuously running farmers market in the US, and featuring local makers from across the region in our table settings. This...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Lancaster, PA


Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)
Burnt Hill Farm
Sep 22, 2023

Burnt Hill Farm is just outside of Washington, DC, but it feels like a different country. Flaxen hillsides, roaming woodland hogs and endless rows of native American wine grapes create a landscape of...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)
Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)
Burnt Hill Farm 🌱
Sep 23, 2023

This will be our second night on this 117 acre biodynamic farm, vineyard and winery. In addition to their ambitious natural wines, the passionate team at Burnt Hill raises woodland hogs, honey bees...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)
Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)
Burnt Hill Farm
Sep 24, 2023

We finish off our mini-residency on the wild hillside farmed by Andrew Baker, Lisa Hinton and Ashli Johnson. Once again we’ll enjoy a range of their uniquely American wines while gazing out at...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Clarksburg, MD (Washington DC / Baltimore)

South / Southwest

Wadmalaw Island, SC (Charleston)
Barrier Island Oyster Co.
Sep 30, 2023

Charleston has become a must-visit American city partly because of its explosive local food scene. Certainly, the charming architecture, cobblestone streets and amazing waterfront don’t hurt either. We’re setting the table just south...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Wadmalaw Island, SC (Charleston)
Mansfield, GA (Atlanta)
Love is Love Cooperative Farm
Oct 04, 2023

This is one of our favorites. Our fruitful relationship with farmers Joe and Judith started out many years ago and we have been coming back to set our table here ever since. Love...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Mansfield, GA (Atlanta)
Lebanon, TN (Nashville)
Wedge Oak Farm
Oct 07, 2023

It’s been a while since we last visited Karen Overton and her family at Wedge Oak Farm. Our first visit there was about ten years ago, when Karen immediately asked Seth to guide...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Lebanon, TN (Nashville)
Dallas, TX
Bonton Farms
Oct 12, 2023

We’re back for the third year in a row with this incredible mashup of inspirational chef and site. Before Daron Babcock started Bonton Farms, this area of South Dallas was devoid of any...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Boggy Creek Farm
Oct 14, 2023

Boggy Creek holds a lot of history for Austin’s farming community and also for OITF. We visited on our first cross country tour in 2005, when the future of OITF was feeling uncertain...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Boggy Creek Farm
Oct 15, 2023

We love the Sayle family and the historic farmhouse at Boggy Creek so much, we’re sticking around for a second night. We also can’t leave Austin without getting some really great BBQ, so...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Austin, TX
Floresville, TX (San Antonio)
Peeler Farms
Oct 18, 2023

The Peeler family has been in the cattle business for over 100 years. Their 3,000-acre ranch is home to hundreds of Wagyu cattle, goats, sheep, horses and water buffalo who happily graze on...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Floresville, TX (San Antonio)
Phoenix, AZ
Pinnacle Farms
Oct 21, 2023

Janna Anderson is a first generation farmer, but her land carries a long history. Pinnacle Farms’ fragrant lemon, grapefruit and orange orchards carry on the long-held tradition of citrus farming in the Southwest,...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Phoenix, AZ

California | Fall

Aguanga, CA (San Diego / Los Angeles)
Temecula Olive Oil Co.
Oct 24, 2023

We’ve been coming to Temecula Olive Oil Company since 2013 (sometimes a few times a year), and every time we pull into the dusty driveway, we feel like we’re coming home. Thom, Nancy...

  • 02:00 pm
  • Aguanga, CA (San Diego / Los Angeles)
Malibu, CA
Malibu Pier
Oct 25, 2023

Peaceful crashing waves, green hills rolling down to the shoreline and panoramic ocean views – the Malibu Pier is a dream dining destination. We will set the table along the rough-hewn planks of...

  • 02:00 pm
  • Malibu, CA
Santa Maria, CA (Santa Barbara)
Rancho Sisquoc
Oct 26, 2023

Stepping onto this cattle ranch winery feels a little bit like stepping back into time. Rugged hillsides dotted with cows frame rows of grapevines leading up to the ranch’s historic barn and the...

  • 02:00 pm
  • Santa Maria, CA (Santa Barbara)
Big Sur, CA
Big Sur Secret Location
Oct 28, 2023

It’s impossible not to marvel at the views of the Pacific from up in these coastal mountains, where we set the table on a ridge line above the clouds. The drive up always...

  • 12:00 pm
  • Big Sur, CA
Big Sur, CA
Big Sur Secret Location
Oct 29, 2023

This location is a secret we love to share. This grass-fed cattle ranch with panoramic views up and down California’s Central Coast is one of our favorite sites, and certainly one of the...

  • 12:00 pm
  • Big Sur, CA
Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Secret Sea Cove
Nov 03, 2023

We’re kicking off a fall series of dinners at our favorite stretch of California shoreline. We can’t wait to see where on the beach we end up placing the table; maybe somewhere near...

  • 02:00 pm
  • Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Secret Sea Cove
Nov 04, 2023

We love this secret beach because it has a little bit of everything. It’s accessed through a historic farm, where the fields stretch to the edges of bluffs overlooking sandy coves and tidepools....

  • 02:00 pm
  • Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Secret Sea Cove
Nov 05, 2023

For our final dinner at this stunning site, we’ll set the table in the sands of one of the best beaches in the country. In the fall, it is warm and windless as...

  • 01:00 pm
  • Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Marshall, CA (Marin County)
Hog Island Oyster Co.
Nov 08, 2023

Hog Island Oyster Company is high on the must-stop-to-eat list when our new Tour Crew arrives in the Bay Area each spring. They offer a taste of Northern California’s finest seafood (including, of...

  • 01:00 pm
  • Marshall, CA (Marin County)
Stewarts Point, CA (Sonoma County)
Richardson Ranch
Nov 11, 2023

This family-owned historic timber and cattle ranch rarely allows outside visitors, so we are honored to be invited back for a second year to set the table in their pastures on the craggy...

  • 01:00 pm
  • Stewarts Point, CA (Sonoma County)
Mt. Tamalpais, CA
Mt. Tamalpais
Nov 16, 2023

This stunning site never ceases to amaze. Whether we’re cliffside looking at the clouds over the redwoods or staring straight down to the Pacific on a sunny day, the views are nothing short...

  • 01:00 pm
  • Mt. Tamalpais, CA
Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Pie Ranch
Nov 19, 2023

Every year, we finish out the summer tour season with a foraging dinner at Pie Ranch. Our host forager and king of mushrooms, Todd Spanier, will take us on a tour of the...

  • 01:00 pm
  • Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)


Stellenbosch, South Africa (Cape Town)
Kleinood Farm & Winery
Nov 11, 2023

Kleinood Farm & Winery was our first-ever table in Africa last year, and we haven’t stopped thinking about it. This little farm grows wine grapes and olive trees on the side of Helderberg...

  • 03:00 pm
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa (Cape Town)