An adventure, a destination,
an experience.

Outstanding in the Field is a roving restaurant without walls.

Traditional restaurants source ingredients for their menus; we bring our kitchen right to the source - setting our long table in fields, orchards and along the seashores where the meal's ingredients were harvested. Our aim is to reconnect diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us.

Every table tells the story of its place.

A farmer's bounty, an artisan's craftsmanship, a fisherman's catch. A unique group of people gathered in one place for one moment to share the most universal human conversation: a meal. Since 1999, we've set the table at farms, beaches, vineyards. mountain tops, fishing docks, city streets, and other extraordinary sites.

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Stinson Beach, CA

Stinson Beach

Oct 31, 2021

Fall is the most beautiful time of year on the Marin coast, just over the Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco. With the summer crowds gone and the summer fog at bay, we’ll have […]

Lompoc, CA (Santa Barbara)

Ampelos Cellars

Nov 01, 2021

Ampelos Cellars is the first certified organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyard in the U.S. Their wines are also certifiably delicious and the view from the low hills of their 82-acre vineyard is certifiably beautiful – […]

Thermal, CA (Palm Springs)

Flying Disc Ranch

Oct 30, 2021

Our second evening in the magical date garden. This garden was desert until Robert started planting it in 1979, alternating rows of date palms with rows of citrus trees. Now it’s a paradise. We’ve been […]

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