An adventure, a destination,
an experience.

Outstanding in the Field is a roving restaurant without walls.

Traditional restaurants source ingredients for their menus; we bring our kitchen right to the source - setting our long table in fields, orchards and along the seashores where the meal's ingredients were harvested. Our aim is to reconnect diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us.


Every table tells the story of its place.

A farmer's bounty, an artisan's craftsmanship, a fisherman's catch. A unique group of people gathered in one place for one moment to share the most universal human conversation: a meal. Since 1999, we've set the table at farms, beaches, vineyards. mountain tops, fishing docks, city streets, and other extraordinary sites.

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Austin, TX

Boggy Creek Farm

Oct 15, 2023

We love the Sayle family and the historic farmhouse at Boggy Creek so much, we’re sticking around for a second night. We also can’t leave Austin without getting some really great BBQ, so we’ve invited one of the city’s best pitmasters to dinner. Evan LeRoy runs LeRoy and Lewis, an experimental BBQ truck dedicated to sourcing meat from small, responsible purveyors in Texas. You’re just as likely to find […]

Phoenix, AZ

Pinnacle Farms

Oct 21, 2023

Janna Anderson is a first generation farmer, but her land carries a long history. Pinnacle Farms’ fragrant lemon, grapefruit and orange orchards carry on the long-held tradition of citrus farming in the Southwest, and the rare Maktoom date trees have origins in early 1900s Iraq. At Pinnacle, Janna focuses on growing crops suited to the arid climate of Arizona, and has created a vast diversity of tastes and textures […]

Sausalito, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Sausalito Waterfront with Heath Ceramics

Nov 13, 2022
  • GUEST CHEFS : Ravi Kapur, Kevin Keovanpheng & Brett Shaw

Take a seat at almost any restaurant in San Francisco, and chances are that you’ll be eating your dinner off the simple, elegant, and impeccably well-made plateware from Heath Ceramics. We’ve been serving our family-style farm dinners on Heath platters for over a decade. At this very special event, we’ll begin with a glass of wine and a hands on demonstration on how these ceramics are crafted. From there, […]

Pescadero, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Pie Ranch

Nov 19, 2023

Every year, we finish out the summer tour season with a foraging dinner at Pie Ranch. Our host forager and king of mushrooms, Todd Spanier, will take us on a tour of the surrounding forests looking for autumnal treasures amongst the redwoods, while host farmers Nancy Veil, Jared Lawson and Karen Heisler show off their heirloom wheat and organic vegetables. To keep it all in the family, we’re inviting […]

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