An adventure, a destination,
an experience.

Outstanding in the Field is a roving restaurant without walls.

Traditional restaurants source ingredients for their menus; we bring our kitchen right to the source - setting our long table in fields, orchards and along the seashores where the meal's ingredients were harvested. Our aim is to reconnect diners to the land while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us.


Every table tells the story of its place.

A farmer's bounty, an artisan's craftsmanship, a fisherman's catch. A unique group of people gathered in one place for one moment to share the most universal human conversation: a meal. Since 1999, we've set the table at farms, beaches, vineyards. mountain tops, fishing docks, city streets, and other extraordinary sites.

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Nassau, Bahamas

Lighthouse Beach on Paradise Island

Jan 13, 2023
  • Guest Chef : Simeon Hall Jr.

We will be setting the table at Lighthouse Beach on Paradise Island in Nassau, a gorgeous spit of green grasses and white-gold sand jutting out into the variegated turquoise and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, the the island’s lighthouse and keeper’s quarters are being restored to their former glory as the Paradise Island Beach Club, paired with a tree planting initiative to populate the landscape with palm […]

Todos Santos, MX (Baja California Sur)

Baja Sur Farm & Beach

Feb 14, 2023
  • Hosts : Joshua Kramer & Pablo Carmona
  • Guest Chef : Eduardo Ríos

The sleepy coastal village of Todos Santos at the southern end of the Baja Peninsula is one of Mexico’s 36 pueblos mágicos or “magic towns.” It’s also a world-class fishing and surfing destination known for fresh-as-it-gets fish and sought-after swells. The semi-tropical waters are brimming with mahi mahi, yellowtail, marlin, and mackerel. Not far from the lapping waves is the Paradero, an austerely luxurious eco resort designed to immerse […]

Mérida, MX (Yucatán)

Hacienda Subin

Feb 25, 2023
  • Host : Laura Kirar
  • Guest Chef : Roberto Solís

Henequen, a type of agave used to make sisal as well as a fiery spirit, was once the major source of wealth throughout the Yucatan. About 15 miles from the centro of merida, our host Laura Kirar and her husband Richard Frazier have transformed an abandoned, former 17th Century henequen plantation into an elegantly rustic estate, the perfect setting for our long table. Laura Kirar is a renowned furniture […]

San Miguel de Allende, MX

Cañada de la Virgen

Feb 04, 2023
  • Host Farmers : Alex Trapp
  • Guest Chef : Donnie Masterton

We first came to San Miguel de Allende in 2018, and each time we return, we discover someplace new. Chef Donnie Masterton was in our field kitchen for that first dinner, and since then, he’s always been our guide. This time he’s taking us to a really spectacular spot—a ranch on SMA’s western border where cattle graze freely on native pasture. The property also encompasses an archeological site believed […]

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