A Message from the Founder

Together Again

On important and meaningful occasions we gather. A collective intention to recognize meaning and moment becomes invitations made, thoughtful preparation, and finally…a glorious feast.

Outstanding in the Field believes that all days are an opportunity to celebrate. All of life is an occasion to come together in recognition of our common humanity. In the act of breaking bread together, we make central what can sometimes be too far from everyday importance.

Recently a guest asked if I might make up a song for an attending friend’s birthday. I walked over and asked a few details about her friend and gave it a shot. A birthday song. Hunger is not just about food — connections and semi-silly birthday songs also nourish us.

Turns out it wasn’t really her birthday! She just wanted to hear a song. And maybe it’s not entirely honest to fib about your birthday to get a whimsical one-off song, but it is pretty cool if you can get away with it, and somehow it sort of becomes real — that every day is your birthday.

Jim Denevan
Founder of Outstanding in the Field