A Message from the Founder

The Glorious Summer of 2021

It’s not easy, finding new beginnings right in the middle of things. But here we are, together again. Serving one another on common ground, we’re reminded of the comfort, laughter and convivial spirit that comes from sharing a meal together.


It’s been a long time away from the table. A long time away from the field. When dining together we have the opportunity to consider and recognize our common humanity as we get to know each other more deeply. We can break bread and breathe deep. A part of the promise of a new day.


Once again, we will dine in appreciation of the places where our food comes from and the hands that harvest it. We will dig for even deeper connections. We’ll have a good look around to see, smell, taste and feel where we are. We will be nourished by it. Renewed. Glasses filled and then filled again. In joyous celebration.
Jim Denevan
Founder of Outstanding in the Field